Accumulation of surface area and volume

About accumulation 

While creating a model for an architectural study,The finished area and air volume of the space can be obtainedYou may. If it is a rectangular space, the designer or the person in charge of estimation can calculate it by hand. but,Space like a complex polyhedronInModeler side calculates necessary informationneed to do it

Blender's integration tool 

Let's calculate the volume and surface area of Suzanne. 

"3D-Print Toolbox Addon” will be utilized. 

Blender's default "3D-Print Toolbox” is enabled. 

displayed in the sidebar. If you can't find it, try selecting and activating the mesh object and it may appear. 

When you open the panel it will look like this. 

VolumeClickvolumeis calculated. 
AreaClickSurface areais calculated. 

Although omitted this time, I think that it is also good to try using other software such as Grasshopper. 

In Blender like this,Easily calculate volume and surface area.

Since I'm not going to 3D print this time, I won't refer to other items, but this addon has a lot of useful functions when actually printing. 

I will also post the actual print. My skin is a little rough (laughs).