Participated in "EIZO Illustration Contest 2022 -Flowers-"

Hosted by EIZO"flower"I participated in an illustration contest with the theme of

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"Illustrations on the theme of flowers” was the condition for entry, but most of the works were digital paintings mainly of girls.

This time, I was conscious of a few things to differentiate myself from other participants.

  1. storytelling
  2. Inorganic characters that 3DCG excels at
  3. Contrast, saturation, atmosphere


Looking at the previous submissions, there were a lot of portrait illustrations, so this time I didn't put the character in the center.vinegarIllustrations that make you feel ToryI tried to

Contrast between inorganic matter and flowerHowever, I chose a robot as a character this time because I thought it would make the theme stand out even more.
Robots that are machinesA glimpse of emotions, captured in loneliness and peaceI was aiming for a scene like this.
A robot that should be precise clumsily makes a corolla by itself,Innocent and reclusive nuancesexpressed.

Crown with some flowers broken

This time for the first time "Midjourney” was used to collect references. "Midjourney" is a service that generates concept images from keywords, and the keyword this time is "A robot is picking flowers in the forest on a sunny day." By adding "hyper detailed photo-realistic maximum detail, volumetric light, 8k, movie concept art, cinematic epic concept art", etc., we have increased the variation of robot details and expressions.

Image generated by Midjourney

While referring to the generated image, I expanded the image of this work.

Inorganic characters that 3DCG excels at

In addition to the intention of contrasting inorganic objects and flowers, I also thought that inorganic characters would be more compatible than human characters because I often work with 3DCG rather than digital painting, so I chose a robot.

For the reference of the robot, I needed a more detailed image than the image generated in "Midjourney", so I used Pinterest to collect images.

Retro robot reference that seems to fit this illustration

I proceeded with the modeling while looking at the reference.

This contest is still images, but I wanted to try out some poses, so I set up bones.

I modeled a robot with a clearly visible joint range of motion, so I gave all bones constraints.

There wasn't much time left before the deadline, so the material was "Sanctus Library” was utilized. I wanted to create a retro robot body, so a procedural material library with parametric control over dirt and rust was the perfect fit.

Sanctus Library
test pose

I thought the sitting pose would be cuter than the walking pose, so I made it look like she's sitting on a stone.

A robot that sits down and makes a wreath

The flowers surrounding the robot and the trees in the background are "Botaniq Addonwas generated with the Scatter function of ". For the review of "Botaniq Addon"this articleYou can view it from

Flower generation with Botaniq Addon
Background generation with Botaniq Addon

Contrast, saturation, atmosphere

Most of the digital painting illustrations that were submitted last time were clear pictures with high contrast and high saturation. This time, unlike those illustrations,An illustration that emphasizes the atmosphere of the scene without raising the contrast and saturation too muchI aimed for

Volumetric lightBy usingAtmosphere and depth of spacegave

No volumetric light
With volumetric light

Finally, I did some simple post processing with a Composite Node.

Post processing by Composite Node
Complete image