How a sauna is made 01 Regeneration with Grasshopper


In fact, the proposal that I participated in as a team with other people was selected for the Excellence Award. Works selected for the Excellence Award will be produced on the actual site.
Here is the visual I submitted 👇👇

main perspective

Regarding this proposal, I was involved in form consideration and visual creation. At the time of submission, I was using Blender.

Since the sauna was going to be implemented, I moved from the Blender model that I was considering design to Grasshopper.

Regeneration with Grasshopper

First, load the mesh created in Blender into Rhinoceros as an OBJ. Recognized as a mesh object in Rhinoceros.

Trace the mesh to draw a NURBS curve as a reference line.

Based on the drawn reference line, generate the axis line of the column with GH.

For the time being, I gave a uniform cross section of 100 mm square to the axis line.

As expected, you can see that it seems to be dangerous here and there. The gap is too open, or it is too narrow and interferes too much.

Next time, I would like to organize this interference and roughly drawn reference lines.